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Agents Notification
A new agent notification on Australian Port List included in the website. Please click here to view the details.
Payment Options
Integrated with electronic receipting with instant payment notification to the Australian Customs & Border Protection Service, the Levy Payment Wizard provides instant issue of receipts*, perfect for when quick vessel clearance is required.

A range of payment options are available:
  • Credit card (Visa or MasterCard only);
  • Direct debit authority; or
  • Electronic funds transfer (EFT).

General Levy Requirements
All commercial vessels which are 24 metres or more in length and which use Australian ports are required to pay a levy calculated on the basis of net tonnage. Vessels operating outside of harbour limits are required to pay the Marine Navigation Levy/Regulatory Functions Levy while, commercial vessels which have carried 10 tonne or more of oil in any form as cargo, or fuel operating both inside and outside harbour limits are required to pay the Protection of the Sea Levy.

Levy Validity
Levy payments are valid for three months.

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