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AMSA is responsible for ensuring the safety of Australian flagged vessels and foreign flagged vessels in Australian ports, vessels operating in the domestic commercial industry, as well as the seafarers on board. International and national conventions and regulatory framework provide the standards administered by AMSA.

At AMSA we consult with our stakeholders in government, industry and the community on policy and regulatory change. We have a range of consultative committees and consultation approaches for engaging with our stakeholders. We use your feedback to inform our decision-making when we make improvements to our policies and activities.

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Before you can make a submission you will need to register with our online service. After you register, you can change your personnal details by going to the link Update my details

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How to make a submission

Submissions can either be made online by clicking on 'Enter your submission online' link next to the consultation item or by downloading the attached form and emailing it to the consultation contact listed in the table above. Please email the ‘Consultation contact’ listed in the table if you have any questions about a consultation item.

Please be aware that submissions and comments provided to AMSA may be published or made available to the public unless you request the submission to be kept confidential.

Have your say about AMSA

At AMSA we are always looking for ways to improve and your feedback is really important to us. Please take our survey and let us know your thoughts.

Please note: if you have feedback on the Cost Recovery for Services under the National System for Domestic Commercial Vessel Safety, please use the feedback form in the Open for consultation area above.

The consultation process

When the consultation period ends, all responses are considered along with other information to help us make decisions, develop policy or finalise regulatory changes. We provide feedback either to you directly or in a consultation report. Please direct any questions about the consultation process to the contact officer for the relevant consultation project.

Submissions can be made by any organisation or individual to the project contacts listed on this page.

Best practice

Our consultations are guided by principles set by the Australian Government’s Office of Best Practice Regulation. These principles recommend that a consultation project:

  • aim to capture a diversity of stakeholders
  • allow stakeholders sufficient time to provide considered responses
  • provide stakeholders with sufficient information, and
  • have its objectives clearly explained and provide feedback on how responses have been taken into consideration.

National System – consultation reports

AMSA recently consulted industry on proposed changes to exemptions. The feedback received during consultation and the outcomes are now available:

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